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Classification Of Chocolate Depositor Machine

You can easily identify and choose a good Chocolate Depositor Machine by:

1. CNC chocolate pouring machine

This range of chocolate depositors can produce complex chocolate designs, with or without cookies or fillings, etc.

You can use this category of machines to make different decorations for chocolate.

Such machines are modular.

This means it allows for the custom development of machines to suit your production requirements.

For example, you can choose a chocolate depositor with different trajectories for chocolate shape, speed, and volume.

The machines are fully automatic and have a full PLC touch screen system for easy monitoring.

It is equipped with decorative nozzles, deposition nozzles, and filling nozzles as well as other key functions.

2. Disposable Chocolate Depositor

The one-shot technique relies on the simultaneous discharge of the shell and filler material into different molds.

You can also get a single-use chocolate depositor with full 2D piping capabilities.

The single-use chocolate pouring machine uses a two-dimensional pipe function to pour directly into the cooling belt.

In addition to 2D piping systems, you can also choose machines with 3D or 2D programmable belts.

It also has a touch screen PLC command system that provides deposits of different capacities within a minute.

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