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How Does A Chocolate Conche Machine Work?

How does a Chocolate Conche Machine work?

Here's how this machine works:

Stage 1: Preparation

This stage requires inspection of the machine to ensure that all parts are in good working order. Preheat the cylinder with an electric heater and raise the temperature of the water thermometer to above 35°C.

Make sure to heat the machine until the mass of chocolate in the processing zone forms a liquid.

Stage 2: Feeding the Machine

Here, you'll feed the material into the confectioner as the blade loosens. Tighten them before starting the process.

Make sure to enter the correct refining parameters via the control panel before starting the process. The chocolate conching process then begins by releasing the material from the hopper into the machine.

Stage 3: Refining Process

In the machine, the natural granite will move, helping the chocolate conching process. Additionally, the cooling water will help minimize the heat the machine generates in the process.

chocolate refining

The machine will assist in the mixing, stirring, and aeration of the heated chocolate liquid material. As the refining process progresses, the machine removes bitter substances, water vapor, and unwanted volatile compounds.

By doing this, the machine will enhance the taste and texture of the chocolate liquid. Additionally, the machine operates at different speeds, temperatures, and durations to enhance the chocolate flavor.

Stage 4: Discharge

When the coaching process is complete, turn off the machine and open the outlet to allow the chocolate to drain.

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