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How To Install A Chocolate Confectioner?

How to install a chocolate confectioner?

These are the installation steps you should follow:

When installing, make sure you have at least 1m clearance around the chocolate mixer for easy operation and maintenance

Make sure the area has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating of the gearbox and motor

Remove all protective and packaging material from all parts of the machine

Install the chocolate mixer on a flat concrete reinforced floor with a minimum thickness of 230mm

It is not mandatory to bolt the machine to the concrete surface

When installing the machine upstairs, make sure the floor is greater than 2000kg/m2

Ideal for mounting the machine on anti-vibration pads or bars, as the anti-vibration pads stabilize the machine and reduce noise levels

Position the stand-alone control panel in a location that allows the operator to monitor and adjust machine operation

When servicing the machine, use suitable handling equipment such as cable trays or trucks when transporting power to the machine

Installation in areas with 3-phase power

Connect the inlet and return pipes to the machine to facilitate cooling of the cooling tank

Make sure the wiring is connected according to the electrical blueprint set by the manufacturer

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